Vfit Coaching

There are many definitions for Virtual Fitness Coaching. We refer to it as consumers or clients perform their workouts by following a professional coach’s planned regiment. The consumer may use an app or electronic method to provide content but virtual coaching can also be defined as handing piece of paper to the client. Virtual Fitness Coaching is an affordable way to get professional fitness advice versus the traditional method of hiring a face-to-face personal trainer. Although the method seems more affordable, there are many shortcomings to consider.

Today most clients that have participated in Virtual Coaching may lack customization. Many online fitness services and mobile apps are providing exercise lists that are somewhat generic.  These personal training programs are designed with recycled workouts thus recycled menu plans and it may be common to find that Client A and Client B have several identical workouts provided by the same coach. Another issue is the lack of creativity. Since most workouts are created through exercise libraries, clients may experience a continuous redundancy.


VFIT COACHING is a newer method of online personal training. A VFIT Coach utilizes gym personal training practices to provide a more customized program for each and every client. Standard procedure is to view client’s previous workouts, analyze the performance, make professional adjustment and decisions, then create the next step within the program. The VFIT program is accompanied by the use of EfitBot, A.I. Fitness Assistant and EfitX , the fitness management system. These innovative tools allow the coach to design better programs and make more logical fitness decisions for their clients. Coaches that wish to participate as a VFIT COACH are required to accumulate hours of educational training.

VFIT Coaching programs try and avoid utilizing recycled programs and are bringing back the personable experience to clients with exclusiveness and creativity.

  • VFIT Coaching is more personable
  • VFIT Coaches evaluate and analyze previous workouts often
  • VFIT Coaches utilize EfitX and assisted A.I. to manage client programs
  • VFIT Coaches may create exclusive instructional videos as part of the program.
  • Clients have more options to communicate directly with their coach

Each 15 minute session may be used for any of the 3 types of services below:

Advisory Programming - 15 min.

Coach analyzes client’s previous workouts and performance Based on the results coach selects a new set of exercises suited for the next workout For each exercise, coach determines the load, reps and other training attributes Coach provides workout suggestions An instructional video may be included (almost all exercises on the provide list include instructional videos)

Live Consulting - 15 min.

Live consulting and video conferencing is when coach and client communicate directly via: Skype, SMS, Messenger or any type of chat tool. This session can be used to demonstrate movements and techniques by the coach. Messaging through chat is an alternative. Client’s should be prepared with questions. (Random messaging is excluded from live consulting sessions) If environment conditions allow, live video conferencing is usually one-on-one and private.

VFIT ADV. (continued)

Custom Instructional Video - 15 min.

When coach is off-line, coach records a new instructional video of a specific exercise or a video regarding optimization of a particular exercise. Each video is approximately 1 to 2 minutes in length.


Random Messaging Communication

Communication between coach and client during down-time is voluntary. You may send simple questions to your coach via the method requested however coach is not obligated to answer questions during down-time. VFit and EfitX are not liable for any actions with this method and should be used at personal discretion