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VFIT COACHING is online personal training.  Coaches provide workouts, monitor progress and analytics, provide feedback along with nutrition plans.  EfitX is the platform used. Service comes in three types of forms: Method 1: A 15 minute VFit Advisory session where coaches develop customized workout routine(s) and or nutrition menus using EfitX.   Method 2 is a One-on-One Video conferencing session where coaches provide fitness consulting. Method 3 is using session time to create a custom video for the client’s fitness purposes. READ MORE

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Hybrid Personal Training is a One-on-One Personal service which combines VFit Coaching in the program.   Clients begin with training twice per week with coach and as they learn proper technique they scale down sessions to once per week.  However, they are encouraged to perform additional workouts on their own weekly with guidance from the online system.

The online tool EfitX is dynamic and provides instructions, videos and progress analytics.


It is highly recommended that all clients have their fitness levels evaluated by a certified personal trainer.  The client would visit a participating facility where the certified personal trainer would discuss goals, medical history and possible constraints that may hinder client performance.  The basic areas of an assessment are as follows:

  1. Health and Fitness Status Analysis
  2. Gather goals and starting statistics
  3. Posture Analysis
  4. Oxygen Recovery
  5. Core Integrity
  6. Balance & Coordination
  7. Flexibility

After collecting this data and evaluating your performance, your certified professional will be able to create the appropriate techniques and methods based on your fitness goals.


Sweat Pros programs are considered educational classes to learn basic fundamentals of strength training.  We encourage clients to exercise beyond their in-house one-on-one sessions.   John’s in-gym training programs are limited to meeting twice per week the first two weeks of the program, thereafter client meets only once per week. Depending on the program design, clients are encouraged to workout once or twice on their own at their membership gym. Instructional workout lists and guidance are provided by the VFIT Coach and the EfitX platform. If more face-to-face sessions are preferred weekly client can use the option of hiring another trainer for additional costs.

Clients can now combine both services to their program! Meet one-on-one for a session with your personal trainer then stay connected with your VFIT COACH outside of the gym! VFit Coaching requires use of EfitX application.