Not just fitness-metrics, not just analytics, eFitBot is a brain analyzing many aspects of your fitness program .
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Fitness A.I.
Sweat Pros EfitX-EfitBot

Sweat Pros, utilizes EfitX to input workouts, create food menus, create workout programs along with many other fitness implementations.  EfitBOT is the engine assisting the decision making process.   Not just analytics, not just fitness-metrics, EfitBOT is a brain analyzing previous workouts, workout patterns and monitoring your volume to keep you on track of your goal. 

When you start a fitness program with Sweat Pros, the first step is to run the EFITBOT GOAL PLANNER tool.  The tool requires only 10 questions to be answered by the user.  This provides a starting foundation for your fitness program. EfitBot puts in consideration users`s goals, age, weight, body type, and the pace you wish to deliver results.  Upon completion of the short questionaire, EfitBot automatically updates your EfitX settings with two classifications of weight training volume,  calories, macronutrients, and cardio calories to expend.

As the user begins to record more data, the real beauty begins.   EfitBot understands the details of exery (cataloged) exercise within the exercise library, meaning it can define: 

  • The type of movements
  • The muscles involved within the movement 
  • The muscle intensity requirements for the movement
  • How often you have performed the exercise
  • If you have made any significant progress or declined 


EfitBot analyzes VOLUME

The most intriguing feature within EfitBot are the proprietary formulas to interpret different types of classifications and translates the data into expenditure of EPOC (Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption).   The system automatically determines what type of training volume classification you are producing.  Is it Endurance? Strength? Power?.   Base on this classification the system calculates and estimated amount of EPOC that will be expended within the next 72 hours!   This new measurement process can distinguish the quality of the workouts whether the routine performed was effective to build muscle, lose weight or improve endurance.  


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