July 13 - Powerlifting Meet
6 for 9 on lifts

The "Free the Iron" Powerlifting meet was held in Hayward, California on July 13th, 2019.  The host gym was Iron Warehouse and it was their debut event.

I participated in the "Full Power" category meaning I would have 9 lifts, three each in the  Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. There are other categories such as Bench Press Only OR Deadlift Only.   However Full Power is the most popular.  I successfully lifted 6 out of my 9 lifts. 




My Squat

(caption: heading out at 2:30pm)

MY SQUAT.   Ugh.  My nemesis.  This has been my weakest lift of the three.  Getting older is creating new challenges.  Last year my knees would bother me during heavy squats. This year I have an issue on getting enough depth.  I have been constantly switching between high bar squat and low bar squat trying to find my optimization.  My shoes are adidas weightlifting shoes with elevated heels.  

At the meet I was able to do all 3 lifts 95, 105 and 115kg.  115kg is a new Competition P.R. for me!  If I didn`t need to go beyond parallel to the floor  I could easily hit 125kg (275 lbs) but of course that is not going to work during competition.  


My Bench Press

(caption: bar needs to touch chest with no movement and you must wait for the `Press` command)

BENCH PRESS:  I previously had the California State Bench Press Record in my Masters Weight Class.  It held for about  18 months.  I want to reclaim it!   Training for the bench was painful.  For the past 10 days I have had a clavicle bruise or some type of minor injury to a chest tendon.  This did not stop me from going all out at the meet.  I was able to hit 90, 95kg, failed on 102.5kg  The head judge seemed to be slow giving the press call.  It was practically a full second with the bar touching my chest. (it felt like it)    102.5kg probably elevated about 3 inches off my chest and I held that M..F..er  for about 6 seconds before the bar began to decend.   If this lift was successful  it would have been a new California Raw Bench Press Masters Record in the  45+ and 50+  66kg classes.


My Deadlift

(caption: hitting 395 unofficially a few weeks ago)

DEADLIFT: I thought I had this.  I hit 395 pounds about 10 days ago and thought the new record would be in the bag.  Even though I still hold the current record of 172.5kg/380 lbs, I need to set it higher!  My first attempt at 160kg went up fairly easy.    My next attempt was 172.5kg.   It felt heavy, I cheated and paid the consequences.  2 red flags, no lift.  I didn`t realize it, but I hitched the bar  (look it up if you don`t know what this is).   For my last lift I decided to go for a new record at 175kg./386 lbs.  

This last lift was the craziest lift ever for me!  I have never worked so hard. Getting the bar off the floor was slow and as soon as it past my knees it was all about thrusting my hips forward.  I managed to straighten out and finish the lift. But it was NO LIFT!  2 red flags.  I hitched again!   It was a brutal torture that lasted like 15 seconds, felt like eternity.   The crowd was great and supportive yelling "UP! UP!"  

(Caption:  The old guy hanging out with the Millenials)


Well, yeah I get to take a first place medal home for being the only 66kg Masters lifter.  Meaningless?  Never. A medal is a token and a keepsake proving that you`ve been there.  You have gone to the extreme to display your ultimate strength.