The Strength Journey - Blog

The Strength Journey is a collection of blogs relevant to three types of strength competitions: Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Physique.   Since 2009, I have coached competitors for Figure, Physique, Bikini and Powerlifting events.   I am still hoping to coach someone for a weightlifting event.  This blog is to share our experiences as participants and coaches of the three sports.   As a Master Competitor, I can provide specialized advice and other important aspects to other master lifters and physique competitors. 


Below are the events I plan to participate in this year. 


  • July 13: Powerlifting - Free the Iron, Hayward, CA

  • Aug 10: Weightlifting -  Tomo Kono -  Folsom, CA

  • August 24-25: Powerlifting - USAPL REGIONALS - Arizona, CA

  • Sep 12-25: Weightlifting - American Open 3 -  Daytona, Florida

  • Oct 3: Weightlifting - World Cup - San Diego, CA

  • Nov 14: Weightlifting - American Masters - Seattle, CA


I am excited to be working with David Garcia USAW Weightlifting coach online.  Even though I have made it to Semi-International Level, I still consider myself as a mediocre lifter.  I have less than 4 years experience in this sport and need to overcome obstacles such as poor shoulder mobility due to previous injuries (Snowboarding).   I started his online coaching program last June but took a short break to concentrate on the July Powerlifting event.   Now I am returning to weightlifting and ready to pursue multiple lifting meets within the next few months.