Sweat Pros is a Personal Training Service led by John Destacamento a 25 year experienced fitness professional.   Most of his one-on-one sessions are serviced at Sunnyvale Health and Fitness a 8000 Square Foot exclusive personal training facility.  This current affiliated facility is located in Sunnyvale California in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Unlike most personal training services, Sweat Pros is a certified VFit Coach service providing online personal training services via EfitX Application.   Clients are world-wide and receive customized workout programs, consulting and nutrition plans.


  • Multi-plane functional fitness (proprietary)
  • Nutrition planning included with program
  • Buddy Group fitness
  • Detailed fitness assessment
  • All programs customized to the client’s needs
  • Compound circuit training
  • Antagonist/agonist Combinations
  • Core training & Pilates integration
  • Cascading & Pyramid training techniques
  • Performance enhancement (certified)
  • Corrective fitness training
  • Power lifting techniques
  • Competition training techniques
  • Endurance & Sports training
  • Generalized Personal Training
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Physique Competition Training(Physique, Figure, Bikini)
  • Powerlifting Competition Training
  • Weightlifting Competition Training
  • Sport Performance

All programs include integration with EFITX; a dynamic mobile application where you can access details of your nutrition, fitness history, progress, and supportive videos in the cloud.


Since 2008, Sweat Pros aka Sweat Studio has been the starting ground for many Figure, Physique and Bikini competitors. As of March 2019, our competitors have achieved 45 trophies in the NPC and INBA competitions.

Sweat Pros has recently expanded specialized competitor training to Powerlifting for the USAPL and Weightlifting for USAW.  These programs usually require additional fees for customized workouts, nutrition plans and competition expenses.  Ocassionally Sweat Pros sponsors athletes to help cover expenses.