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Being a competitor especially a female figure or bikini competitor can become expensive. When you consider just the basics needed such as a suit, heels, tan, make up and enrollment fees it can easily average over $800.00 for your first show. This price tag goes up when you need personal training, coaching, travel and lodging. Some competitors may find themselves spending close to $2000.

To some it’s well worth it, let’s face it, you are showcasing a physique that many wished they had along with all the potential opportunities that may come your way from the publicity. After you get through the first show expenses average to about $450, given the that you no longer need personal training and coaching, excluding fees for travel and lodging.

At Sweat Pros, we understand that our competitors have potential to become a valuable asset after a competition. The photos from events are published on multiple websites which contribute to further promotions of our services. However, even though a competitor can do a show and place in the top five, this does not necessarily mean they will be helpful to Sweat Pros through promotions.

A sponsored competitor becomes a marketing representative and should have the ability to promote themselves to benefit the company. This is similar to how models obtain modeling contracts and how athletes obtain endorsements. An ideal candidate represents our company image AND can sustain a considerable amount of popularity.

Photo source: trainer.ae
1. REFERRALS – We love to see dozens of referrals for personal training but just a few is great!

2. SOCIAL NETWORK ACTIVITY - It doesn’t matter how many friends you have on Facebook if you don’t interact with them. I know someone with 5,000 friends, but rarely gets feedback from her posts. In turn, I know people with less than 200 friends but their posts may create more impact/traffic to a reader. If a competitor can post a comment to make another person laugh, smile, or inspire them that is powerful stuff! The more a competitor can influence others is sponsorship material.

3. POST PICTURES – However, don’t get carried away! Don’t bomb Facebook with too many pictures of yourself! In economics there is this term called “Diminishing Returns”; the continuing repetitive promotion of a subject, the less desirable it becomes – in Layman’s terms. Do not just post pictures but add flare by doing something physical or with friends, celebrities etc.

4. WEAR OUR GEAR and use OUR PRODUCTS – remember not to be shy when people ask “what is that you are wearing?” Do the same if you are using our apps.

5. SOCIAL LIFE –Sweat Pros once had a trainer over 40 years old, with 4 kids, and trained less than 10 sessions per week. She brought in many new clients on her own. How? She got involved during her kid’s soccer games, baseball games, and other recreational sports. By simply talking and mentioning what you do can make a promotional impact.

6. ATTITUDE – In the gym be fierce in your training, but remember to stay courteous to others. Express yourself as a fitness leader, yet be humble. There is a saying in the entertainment business that can be applied to competitors: “Be nice to the people on the way up, because eventually you will see them again on your way down.”

7. LISTEN AND ABIDE BY YOUR COACHES PLAN – How can a competitor represent a company if they don’t follow the company’s plan? It’s okay to question and mention things to your coach, but do try what they`re suggesting before ruling it out. An experienced coach will, in time, learn more about your body`s specific needs, eating habits and physical abilities. In turn, they will become the most qualified coach for you! First time competitors usually expect too much and are impatient when seeing results. If you find that you`re not happy with your progress and want to try another coach out, I would suggest perhaps giving your coach a chance to finish off sessions before moving on. Avoid jumping to conclusions without researching other coaches as well! I personally have had a competitor move on, just to tell me months later that she should have stayed. Patience is a part of the process.

8. AESTHETICS – Take care of your skin, face, hair and over all appearance.

9. ATTEND EVENTS – whether it’s a Sweat Pros Sanctioned event, a Sweat Pros booth at a venue, or any fitness related event where there will be people…come and connect! By doing so, you can accumulate more fans that are interested in what you do.

10. COMPETE - Do well at your competition(s). Compete in other natural organizations outside the NPC. Pursue national competition and/or becoming a pro.
The more the competitor can represent and follow the list above will determine which type of sponsorship they may qualify for. Candidates need to meet specific criteria before being considered a sponsorship deal. Below displays an example list of the incentives and benefits with Sweat Pros:

  • Class C: 25% Off Personal Training, 25% Off Enrollment fees for competition, 25% Suit and heels expenses reimbursed.
  • Class B: 50% off Personal Training & 3rd party coaching, 50% off enrollment fees for competition, 50% reimbursement for suit, heels, tanning, hair and make-up and travel.
  • Class A (1 show), Class AA (2 shows), and Class AAA (3 shows): 50% off Personal Training. All competition expenses paid including travel expenses.

Triple A sponsorship, Sweat Pros will pay all expenses for 3 shows. Only two shows may have travel expenses with flights. Double A (1 show flight travel) Single A (no flight travel expenses)