General Training

If your goal is to lose weight, become stronger, tone or maintain a healthy lifestyle, General Personal Training at Sunnyvale Health and Fitness provides a wide variety of programs. Every coach is a Certified Personal Trainer to offer guidance in:
  • Weight Training
  • Strength Development
  • Corrective Exercise
  • General Nutrition
  • Recreational Conditioning

Specialized Training

If you are an athlete or sport enthusiast, our coaches want to make you better. Improve your power, agility, speed and endurance. SVHF has several coaches specializing in different sports with versatile backgrounds.
  • Bodybuilding-Physique-Bikini
  • Crossfit Conditioning
  • Olympic Style Weightlifting
  • Powerlifting
  • Sports Performance
Train with a partner! Keep each other accountable to the program! Most trainers offer small group personal training up to 3 participants. Ask participating coaches on details. Buddy Training is not suggested to accommodate all levels of fitness so please ask your coach for an evaluation and physical assessment.
On popularity or demand, coaches may offer small group classes. These classes are seasonal and limited on participants. The current active group classes are listed below.

  • SVA’s Endurance Class, Tue/Thur 6pm.
  • Women’s Bootcamps, Thur 7pm/Sat 8am
    What did you eat today? Most trainers offer nutrition consulting and planning to support your exercise program. No time to cook? Ask about our several options of Meal Preparation Services.
    I Am Royally Ranked
    Women’s Bootcamp

    Thursday Evenings at 7pm
    Saturday Mornings at 8am

    “Empowered women, empower women.”

    These female only bootcamps are geared toward your experience. Focused heavily on glute building, leg conditioning, waist tapering and upper body definition!

    Join us for an hour of hourglass figure shaping workouts!