Bronze Level

  • 1) Website/Webapp
  • PMK Touch-Tool
  • 1) Year S-Hosting
  • 1) Directory URL
  • 1) Mailbox
  • 20 mb storage

Silver Level

  • 3) Websites/Webapps
  • PMK Touch-Tool
  • 1) Year S-Hosting (3)
  • 3) Directory URL's
  • 3) Mailboxes
  • 30 mb storage

Gold Level

  • 5) Websites/Webapps
  • PMK Touch-Tool
  • 1) Year S-Hosting (5)
  • 5) Directory URL's
  • 5) Mailboxes
  • 50 mb storage

Special Promotions

How would you like a Site for free? We are currently accepting new projects to expand our PMK Portfolio! Submit your site idea and if accepted, our team will build it for free! It will be hosted for a minimum term of 3 months, thereafter you have the option to subscribe and keep it hosted. No obligations to purchase!

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Designer Level 1

min. 4 hours

Includes consultation support via online, a mock up of the initial design and one on one guidance on how to use the basic features of PageMakerKit. Continuous support for up to 30 days. (limited to (3) 5 minute consulting sessions.)

Coming soon
Designer Level 2

min. 4 hours

Includes all of Designer Level 1 services plus Graphic Design Services for banners, simple logo design, image editing and advance PageMakerKit customization.

Coming soon
Web Wizzy Resources

no monthly

Use of technical support media resources provided on this site, Facebook and YouTube.


The Touch-Tool is our dynamic interface for designing Material Design style applications. Users have more flexibility on adjusting sizes, effects, shades, colors and design implementations of their website.

All premium users have a standard virtually directory folder on our secured server such as:
( We can host and set up your own personal/company domain ( with a set up fee starting at $49.95.

* 6 months minimum subscription.

The tools are in the cloud.