PageMakerKit is equipped with all the tools needed to create a beautiful, fully responsive website and web-app. We focused a lot on intuitiveness along with the aspects of productivity. To achieve this, we analyzed a user's behavior such as squinting on the screen to find a tool, the number of times a buttons are pressed, thus anticipating their design next step. We want the user experience to be simple but yet have a robust interface to entice creativity. We believe we may have a winner!
Customize your own Material Design Theme instead of being restricted to a template(s). Our tool allows the user design versatility; wrap text around images, containers with or without borders, post content to scroll over transparent backgrounds. Customize the colors for your headers, text, buttons, backgrounds and navigator menus. PMK offers a good selection of icons and fonts as well.
PMK uses a Button Select Method instead of the Drag 'n' Drop method - While building your site, we believe tapping big buttons is a more intuitive and an easier function to perform versus other methods. If you’re tired of using small sized Drop-Down Menus, annoying Pop-up windows or making the effort to Drag your finger across a screen, then Button Select is for you. On other Web Builders, have you tried timing how long you need to press, hold and drag something to complete a simple action?
Many website builders today may offer many features on their desktop interface however most of the time you may discover the mobile version lacks the versatility. These builders require downloads and frequent version updates. Furthermore, creating a site entirely from a mobile device may be escruciating if the UI is poorly configurated. PageMakerKit is a Progressive web-based app, there are no downloads and no updates needed. Everything is within the cloud and it works great using your Android or iPhone WEB BROWSER.
Make your photo galleries more user-friendly by using our Gallery-Horizontal- Scrolling-Modal creator. A Gazondal! Each post on your post becomes a thumbnail that scrolls horizontally and you just press to open pop-up modal page for the extended information. With just a few button presses in your settings, you can turn a collection of your regular vertical posts into a beautiful horizontal scrolling gallery!
Our latest widget integration is geared to support Fitness Professionals! Fitness Specialists that create their site with PMK will have the option to enable a series of fitness application widgets! Add a workout, nutrition, or cardio tracker, and soon calendar widgets plus so much more! These widgets are supported by our sister division EfitX; which has been supplying high-level of fitness management tools for nearly a decade. Visit EFITX.com for details.

Coming soon! We will be offering a Hub Directory for all PageMakerKit users. This directory will be extensively promoted to draw in more visitors. Our users can benefit from cluster community promotions and network SEO implementations.
Don't have time to build it yourself? Let us do it for you! Our designers are skilled to create your site quickly. They will also provide tech support so you can update the site on your own. If your project is complex, our Full-Stack Developers can provide a quote for additional work! Designer 1 Rates start at $25 per hour. (minimum 4 hours)



    Additional Features

  • Several Fitness Tracking Plug-In/Widgets by EfitX
  • Domain Name pointing Virtual Hosting
  • Secured Payment Gateway System - Exclusive to you
  • Search Engine Optimization implementations

    Support Features

  • Do it yourself - OR we do it for a discounted design rate. Including logo design.
  • HTML/CSS Capability [code]
  • Video Tutorials
  • Disable all ads (paid version)
  • SSL Certified
  • Hosting included in package
  • Integrated Mailbox

    Coming Soon

  • Analytics
  • Calendar Plug-In Widgets



The tools are in the cloud.